a(nother) media player

aplayer is my last weekend programming project. It is an experiment in how to use qt5 to write useful code fast. Besides, however how comfortable I have been with auditive as my media player, there are some things that it lacks and that I find difficult to write in vala.

For instance, after I tried spotify’s media player, I was convinced about how important is to have a media library, and how convenient is to use a networking framework to ease the process of downloading meta information from the web.

Sure, there are very good options out there (I guess), but I wanted to try something of my own.

The result looks like this:


So it was a good weekend, qt5 is a solid framework for fast and easy development. In my next vacation I should try implementing some of these ideas:

  1. A database.
  2. Art visualization with the graphics framework.
  3. It would be pretty cool to have a backend database in the cloud, maybe exporting your entire database to a cloud based music service.

Of course, the goal here is to learn what qt5 has to offer in terms of functionality, so that for end users there are very good options driven by the community (amarok, banshee, etc, to name a few) and some others developed by online companies (for instance spotify‘s player which motivated me to try doing my own), but for a developer, I think the most valuable lesson is how far she can get in a few days with the right tool.


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